Shar's Sweet Treats experience review

Special offer inside!

By Kelly Zaryk, Publisher and Editor of Macaroni Kid Eastside of Rochester November 15, 2023

We were so excited when Shar's Sweet Treats offered to have us taste test her pancakes with toppings.

Since the kids had a day off of school on Friday, we decided to hold a little neighborhood gathering in my garage and have the kids and parents taste test all that she has to offer.

Bite size pancakes with so many toppings to offer... Oreo cookie crumbs, marshmallows, fruity pebbles, blueberries, gram cracker crumbs, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, maple syrup, strawberry pure and whipped cream!

Everyone enjoyed playing their customized order and quickly ate up their sweat treat!

We loved this option to gather friends together and highly recommend you check Shar's Sweet Treats out!

Special offer for Macaroni Kid Subscribers:  $75 for 1 hour set up.  Up to 40ppl.  

Unlimited toppings for the month of November and December. 

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